The War Against Men

There is an undeclared war going on in this country, and I am not the only one who feels this way. The US is at war with its own men, and there is a lot at stake here. There is much to protect.

Let's take a look at what.

The number one thing to protect---DYSFUNCTION. We live in an addictive society, and our governments are some of the largest spreaders of the disease. The current war against men is being perpetrated mainly through current family court and child support laws, perfect examples of "hostage-captor" relationships. These laws protect the "woman as victim" myth, a piece of the victim role always present in any codependent relationship, especially those involving alcoholism or drug addiction. In nearly every e-mail "conversation" I have explored with women who objected to the editorials on this site, I have found some evidence of alcoholism or drug addiction within the family structure. By totally focusing on the males and promoting the women's victim role, these laws actually protect the disease process and promote family and national decay by protecting people from the consequences of their choices. The country will never heal until the government gets out of the family. The government has no business setting the morals for the country, especially when it is immoral and dishonest itself.

The number two thing to protect --THE GOVERNMENT. Governments have a huge stake in keeping men disposable. If men reject their disposability, then governments would have an extremely difficult time declaring war and convincing young men to fight for it. Keeping men disposable also helps bolster the welfare system, the jail system, and the child support system, all of which continue to become ever-larger government employers. Men who reject disposability are harder to control (as is anyone with true self-esteem), and they are less likely to accept government intrusion in their lives or everything they're told. By taking today's stance, the government not only lets tomorrow's men know they are disposable but tells them their only hope for any kind of freedom lies in adopting yesterday's morals where families stayed together no matter how dishonest or dysfunctional the relationship (which also reinforces the dysfunction).

The number three thing to protect--THE POLITICIANS THEMSELVES. Politicians know people. Whether they admit or not, they know women are the true controllers of our society. They don't want to lose votes and power, whether through alienating the female voter directly or through the influence of female voters on their husbands and boyfriends. Secondly, most men are afraid to face their disposability, and these men most of all. They can avoid both internal and external conflict by voting for unfair and punitive measures against men while ignoring punitive or "unfair" measures against women.

The number four thing to protect--THEIR STASHES. Stashes of money, love, and sex are protected by waging war against men, especially since our society proceeds from a woman as victim mentality. Since men look to women for love and approval (and all men do no matter what they pretend), imagine being a male Senator or Congressman who voted for such legislation and being surrounded by grateful women each day, every day. Most men will choose such gratification over money, which is why they so readily give up money to get it.

Bill Clinton is a perfect example. He has been willing to risk his office, his marriage, and his personal reputation (such as it was) to gain it. Anyone who thinks that the vehemence of the Clinton administration against males is unconnected to Clinton's alleged sexual escapades in the White House is foolishly mistaken. Clinton is acting to protect his dysfunction. His behavior as well as his attitude toward drugs and alcohol is typical of an unrecovered adult child of an alcoholic, one who is acting out and enabling his disease.

In simple terms, the punishment that Bill Clinton wants to inflict on himself is being foistered on us. It's an easy but temporary way of relieving guilt and escaping personal responsibility

This war is self-defeating. To jail a child support offender who owes $5000 will cost the taxpayers $23,000 per year...and the maximum sentence is two years...and not do one thing to get the child support paid. And because the degradation of life in this country and the family in particular are rooted in dysfunction, government efforts to control it will only worsen the situation, no matter how things "improve" temporarily. As men become more and more discarded and trapped, they will respond in the only way left to them; through violence. (Of course, this results in the government "being right" and in expanding the court systems and jails, all part of the current dysfunctional merry-go-round. ) To stop this -- if anyone wants to--both men and women must work to change themselves, to take responsibility and not be dependent upon anyone for their livelihood, work through the political system for change, and fight for our rights in the courts as individuals. Failure to do this will continue to make children weapons instead of protecting them. And anyone who thinks that we're protecting the children has forgotten a very elemental fact, i.e., the little boy playing in the yard today will be the man in jail tomorrow.

The only ones being protected by today's child support laws are the little girls.

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