Texans Who Need Defeat

There are several candidates running for Attorney General in Texas that NEED defeat. I’ll focus first on the worst. They are John Cornyn and Barry Williamson. Why? Because they are running on platforms that make the already out of balance child support situation worse.

It’s not surprising that any candidate for the Attorney General’s office would find child support such a lucrative playground. Over half of the Attorney General’s staff is now dedicated to collecting child support. It has become the fuel for expanding an already bloated and inefficient bureaucracy and for furthering any Attorney General’s personal political ambitions. It is, at its most basic level, exploitation of children and their parents of the worst kind.

Out to get the victim female vote, John Cornyn has run TV ads stating that he wants to increase child support. A friend of mine who was angered by that ad called and spoke to Cornyn at his Austin campaign headquarters. Cornyn stated that he had gotten lots of phone calls from angry fathers and implied that it hadn’t been such a smart move. Cornyn has pulled the ads. But his stance shown in those ads and statements made to the League of Women Voters show that he understands that the real political power in this state lies in the hands of women, not men, any myth to the contrary. And he doesn’t give a damn about the men. They are perfectly disposable.

The election is a chance to show him that so is he.

In a debate between the Attorney General candidates, Williamson advocated that he would put everyone not paying their child support in jail. When asked how that was going to help by a female (bless her heart), he dodged the question by answering it "wasn’t about money" and that it was about the state’s ability to enforce the law. That’s dishonest. It is about money and power, whether it is the power of the system or the money placed in the hands of the voting custodial parent, not to mention the eventual waterfall into the Attorney General’s office as well.

No candidate has said it was about the children; and, indeed, it is not.

These men must be defeated at the polls if there is to be any hope of establishing balance in the writing and execution of child support laws. Non-custodial parents must begin speaking out in loud voices; and the best way to do that is to soundly defeat candidates that run on extreme child support platforms. That’s what Williamson, Cronyn, and others including Mattox "who started the whole thing" and is proud of bringing "law enforcement" to this issue are doing. They will continue to do so until they see it cost them their hopes and their jobs, the things non-custodial parents have already lost too often. These people must be defeated regularly at every opportunity to vote or we can count on only one thing: an already out of control system will only grow worse.

There are candidates who espouse some good ideas containing some degree of fairness. On the Republican side, Pauken has stated he wants to appoint a commission to understand the problems before taking action. On the Democratic side, Overstreet wants to de-centralize the child support system and bring it down to a county level, something sorely needed to establish accountability. These are the people we need to vote for, the ones who know that there are two sides to this picture. No matter what anyone says, until we start taking a more balanced approach, the real losers from today’s approaches will continue to be the children themselves, both now and in the future.