Reverse Psychology

If you know anything about human psychology, you know there is a little phenomena called “projection”.  Projection occurs when a person takes a usually undesirable character defect and projects it onto another person who is often a perceived threat.  It’s the great little thing that causes us to damage our own relationships, i.e., we ascribe to a partner our own flaws as a way for us to avoid dealing with them. 

Last week, U.S. Representative Tom Delay spoke at a meeting hosted by a Southern Baptist minister who was handing out brochures entitled:  “In Defense of….Mixing Church and State”.  Mr. Delay stated that the judiciary was “out of control” in ignoring the wishes of the Congress and the President.  As soon as I heard that, I recognized it as Mr. Delay practicing projection.  The real person who’s out of control is Tom Delay.

The religious right, of which Mr. Delay is a proud member, flouts the Constitution and all its stands for in favor of the New American Theocracy.  Freedom of religion is, if you remember, one of the rights fundamental to the founding of our country.  Mr. Delay’s and the Religious Right’s interpretation of that guiding principle seems to be that we’re all permitted freedom of religion as long as it’s theirs.  And that means that their philosophy is not about freedom of religion but it is about power and self-righteousness.  Religion is an internal thing, not something to be worn on one’s sleeve, and nobody’s business except the person’s who chooses it.  Make it anything else and it not only defies the Christian principles it claims to espouse, but it is easily twisted to fit personal and organizational agendas.  As it has been.  The next step in the establishment of Delay's American Theocracy would seem to be to rename the country the United States of Southern Baptists.  Notice that the acronym U.S.S.B is only one letter away from U.S.S.R; and even the Soviets were smart enough to abandon that. 

 There’s a lot of confusion in this country about the principles we were founded on and what the hell it is we really stand for.  It’s time people started questioning agendas that are extreme and unbalanced and time we started getting rid of the legislators that espouse them.  Otherwise, we need to bring home the troops from Iraq now; we’re going to need them to overthrow the tyrants at home.