Not Safe Anywhere: Recycling the Cosmos 

Stephen Hawking made the news this week by stating, as many manned spaceflight proponents have, that human space exploration is necessary to protect it from various disasters that may befall the planet Earth. The likelihood, of course, is that humankind will succumb to something of its own making long before that promise could come true, whether it’s due to global warming, nuclear or biological weapons, or the spread of disease we could have dealt with but ignored. That said, the main reason I object to reasoning like Mr. Hawking’s is because I believe we are living in one of many of the Universe’s cycles; and the Universe will collapse in on itself before exploding in a rebirth and beginning anew.

I base that largely on a philosophical and observational foundation.  Both Nature and Spirituality exhibit natural cycles of death and rebirth.  I believe that the physical universe is based on a spiritual one, and that these natural cycles we see are just part of a larger circle that is playing itself out in the same way. For a decade, I have believed that the Universe is a Cyclic one and we are living in just one of its epochs.  Life’s ultimate lessons are those of living in the moment and letting go, and the physical Universe is just an echo of the same stuff.

Scientifically, I could not see how energy and matter could ultimately be conserved unless the Universe fit a Recyclable model.

There is now better science available that says my model of the Universe just might be the real thing.  Either Mr. Hawking does not accept its findings or is unaware of them.  If the former, then I see where he’s coming from.  Otherwise, there is a theory that indirectly says mankind will ultimately not survive.

In the May 5th issue of Science, Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University and Neil Turok of Cambridge claim the current value of the cosmological constant, designated as “lambda” and which is smaller than predicted by Big Bang theory, is so because the universe has been constantly contracting and expanding, and each cycle causes the value to decrease.   Scientists who have examined the theory say its is possible, though I am not implying everyone accepts it.  They do not.  Experiments can be conducted to put the theory to the test.  I await the results.

Many people will be uncomfortable with such a theory because none of us want to believe that death is truly final.  We like to think that we will be around forever, and the universe just could not exist without us. We are forgetting that it once did.

If the theory holds to be true, then there will be no escape for us as a species.  That’s not a reason for sadness.  Just the opposite holds true; it is an even stronger reason to enjoy the Now and Love the People and the Planet around us.  It might bust our hopes for immortality once and for all, and that, if it really sank in, would be a very good thing.

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