A Clear-Cut Case


A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail containing something rare, i.e., a child support case clearly demonstrating that the system is biased against males.

Most of the time, this is hard to prove.  Most broad based legal actions taken to right some of these injustices have been predicated on the supposition that the "class" of people involved were non-custodial parents. This has been part of the system's denial.  We've all known for some time that these laws were passed and aimed squarely at men.  It is sexual bias of the worse kind, the kind that not only destroys people but families. It has largely been perpetrated by female legislators acting from "the woman as victim" myth.  Don't believe it?  Go look see who wrote and sponsored most of this state and federal legislation.

I'm going to call the in this story "Joe".  Joe is a warehouse supervisor making $11/hour who was taking care of his three kids after his wife left.  Now, the ex-wife has gotten on welfare; and the son has moved in with his mother.  The two daughters have remained with their father.  The courts are forcing him to pay his ex wife child support for the son but are refusing to go after the mother for child support for the two daughters.  Why?   They won't touch her as long as she's not working.

What a racket!

Does anyone think for an instant that if he were on welfare, the state would not still go after him?  If it were me, I'd ask them.  I wonder if this gentleman is eligible for welfare?  (And what happens if he gets laid off and has to file for unemployment?)  If he is and the state still pursues him but not her for child support, then he might have recourse under federal sexual discrimination laws to sue the state for damages and civil rights violations.

Based on my own experience and those of men I am hearing from (some via their wives), I am convinced that both federal and state governments are engaged in a pattern of discrimination against men.  And why not?  We are still living in denial about who really has the power in this country, and it's not the men.  Would any group truly in power, no matter what the appearances, allow themselves to be imprisoned often without due process? 

Would they allow their children to be ripped from them simply based on their gender and not their Love and their ability to parent?  Where are the laws that allow men to be considered a minority, especially when there are fewer men in this country than women?  Why is it that in this so-called "day of equality" women are still exempted from the draft?  The government gets a huge payoff in keeping men disposable.

Why aren't the men speaking up against it? The primary reason is two-fold.  First, men are taught from birth that they are disposable, and they know they are.  Secondly, men are afraid of losing women's love.  I know, some of you are laughing.  Take this test.  Walk through a multitude of offices in America and look for pictures of loved ones on the desks.  If your experience is anything like mine, what you will notice is that a much higher percentage of men than women have pictures of their partners at their desks.  The men will have pictures of wives and children.  The women will have pictures, too often, of only their children.