Fighter Tactics for the Grocery Store

For use in this Era of the Coronavirus:

  1.  Know Your Enemy: What it is; How it attacks: Where you’re likely to be vulnerable; How to defeat it.  NOTE: Your enemy is not the people around you, though they are the unwitting hosts for this weapon.  Keep your distance; and, remember, speed is life!
  2. Know Your Mission: Know what you’re after; Know where it is and how to get there; Have a plan for getting out
  3. Arm up:  Masks or bandanas and gloves on: Hand sanitizer or disinfectant in vehicle, soap stations at home.
  4. Launch and Execute:  Drive safely so accidents don’t put you and others at risk; once at the store, get in, get your stuff, and get out.  This is not the time to stand ponderingly so that you and anyone trying to get past you is forced to spend long periods inside the “danger zone” (6 feet).  
  5. Keep your Head on Swivel and Your Speed UpDon’t let your bogies cut you off; Plan your routes; Avoid close passes as much as possible; If you must go head to head, be sure you’re in burner, don’t take any shots, and bug out!
  6. Get your loot and check out as quickly as you canBe courteous but don’t stop to tell the checkout clerk what your week has been like.  Get your loot, thank the people who risked helping you, and head out the door as quickly as possible, observing Note 5.
  7. Recover and perform postflight checks:  Remove gloves before entering vehicle and dispose; use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering.  Once home, unload your vehicle as quickly as possible.  Dispose of or clean/disinfect protective gear as you remove it, touching it as little as possible.  Immediately wash your hands for twenty seconds.  Perform post-flight cleaning of any groceries as detailed by health experts. Remove clothes and wash if motivated.  Relax.  Enjoy your haul, and hope you live to fight another day.