Our First Annual (continued)

You can see the cylinder heads, the exhaust tubes, the oil filler tube (yellow cap), and the right mag (behind the oil filler tube), as well as various lines and disconnected hoses. The engine isn't sitting in the engine mount because the mount has been sent off for re-welding, another big ticket repair caused because of short cuts and bad inspections.

A good shot of the engine from the rear. You can easily see both sets of magnetos, the oil filter (white), the oil cooler (brass colored, upper left), and the carburetor on the bottom of the engine, facing downward.

Here you can see the chrome prop spinner and the lower part of the cowl with the landing light still attached.

The front seats and the tow bar.

That's all for now. I hope to update the site with more pictures as the airplane goes back together, with some final shots of the completely reassembled and flyable airplane. Stay tuned!

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